Today is the day T-Mobile is holding a press event to announce the HTC G1 aka HTC Dream aka The Google Phone. This is the first phone to run on Google’s mobile platform called Android. It will be on T-Mobile for $179.99 with a 2 year contract. Launch date is October 22nd. There will be a $25 unlimited data with “some” messaging, and $35 unlimited everything plan. (As reported by BGR)

Android is a open source platform that Google hope will find their way onto many different devices and hope to dominate the Smartphone market. Of course the Android platform will have tie ins with Google’s Gmail, Calendar, Maps and it is said that there will even be Google’s new Chrome browser on it. As well currently there is talk by the AndroidAuthority that T-Mobile may be considering giving free ad-supported Gmail access on the G1 phone with no data plan required. The HTC G1 again will be the first device to hit the market that users Android which is based off of Linux. So who is buying this phone?

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