Ok people eat this eye candy up! We first mentioned the HTC Touch HD here, but clearly those pictures didn’t do it no justice. This is a most fitting match up when it comes to pure style. And after looking at these 2 side by side, we are going to have to give it to the HTC Touch HD! Maybe it the slickness of the all piano black casing on the HTC, maybe it’s the true feel (at least it looks like it from this picture) of the HTC buttons on the bottom that look just as part of the screen as the rest vs that now ugly (at least sitting side by side the Touch HD) single button you have to push in on the iPhone that isn’t seamless with the rest of the screen.

The screen on the HTC Touch HD looks flawless, absolutely breath taking! On pure style alone we would get the Touch HD over the iPhone, no question! But slickness alone doesn’t make the whole case. Let’s not forget that while this phone is beautiful, has a great screen and TouchFLO and all, it is still a Windows Mobile device. I’m pretty sure it is running Window Mobile 6.1 which is more stable, but the iPhone’s OS is far better than Windows Mobile in terms of ease of use. So overall, this is a tough choice. Window Mobile users rejoice, this is definitely the phone you want to get. Shoot I might even get it and I has long said I Window Mobile sucks!