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The First TRUE Potential iPhone Killer (in style at least)

Ok people eat this eye candy up! We first mentioned the HTC Touch HD here, but clearly those pictures didn’t do it no justice. This is a most fitting match up when it comes to pure style. And after looking at these 2 side by side, we are going to have to give it to the HTC Touch HD! Maybe it the slickness of the all piano black casing on the HTC, maybe it’s the true feel (at least it looks like it from this picture) of the HTC buttons on the bottom that look just as part of the screen as the rest vs that now ugly (at least sitting side by side the Touch HD) single button you have to push in on the iPhone that isn’t seamless with the rest of the screen.

The screen on the HTC Touch HD looks flawless, absolutely breath taking! On pure style alone we would get the Touch HD over the iPhone, no question! But slickness alone doesn’t make the whole case. Let’s not forget that while this phone is beautiful, has a great screen and TouchFLO and all, it is still a Windows Mobile device. I’m pretty sure it is running Window Mobile 6.1 which is more stable, but the iPhone’s OS is far better than Windows Mobile in terms of ease of use. So overall, this is a tough choice. Window Mobile users rejoice, this is definitely the phone you want to get. Shoot I might even get it and I has long said I Window Mobile sucks!

Jason Andersonhttp://about.me/jasonlanderson
Jason Anderson is the Publisher & Editor At Large of G Style Magazine. A known gadget head and lover of all things digital. Some of his favorite movies include Hackers, The Net, The Matrix (1, 2, & 3), and Transformers.....see a trend here lol.


  1. I’ll give it that sitting side by side in that pic the touch does make the iphone look less sexy but I wouldn’t call it ugly =( and I would hope that after over a year of it being on the market someone would finally step up & make something more stylish. I was actually sad that the 3g didn’t come out in a new & improved form. Then I wouldve had a reason to upgrade!
    I would take the Mac OS over any windows technology on my phone anytime.
    I’ve had lil to no problems with the iphone as opposed to when I had a windows phone (woosah- don’t want to remember those days)

  2. You’re right that the HTC Touch HD does look impressive. I’ll give you that. But aesthetics are not just hardware. A huge part of aesthetics, and something your review should mention, is the software.

    Windows Mobile is notoriously ugly and unfriendly for the average user. I would have to give Apple more respect than you did in this review for their ability to provide a slick looking UI that anybody can adopt.

    The amount of software and features available to WinMo users could make or break this device. But we’ll leave that argument for another day.

    Check out how I think some of the other major touchscreen devices (BlackBerry Storm, iPhone 3G and HTC Dream) stand up against each other:


  3. Kyle you have me mistake. In no way or form have I said as a whole the iPhone is ugly. The iPhone is one slick device. This is want I said

    “maybe it’s the true feel (at least it looks like it from this picture) of the HTC buttons on the bottom that look just as part of the screen as the rest vs that now “ugly” (at least sitting side by side the Touch HD) “single button” you have to push in on the iPhone that isn’t seamless with the rest of the screen.”

    I want merely stating that the iPhone “home” button looks ugly compare to the buttons on the bottom of the Touch HD.

    And you must of missed at the end where I state I have long said that Windows Mobile sucks. If i was possessed to buy this phone it would be purely because of the way it looks. Matter of fact, this phone will probably be even sweeter if instead of Windows Mobile, HTC slapped Android on it. Now that would be a iPhone potential killer!

  4. Further this side by side was soley based on looks. Of course if we dived further in to software and ease of use the iPhone would still win cause Windows Mobile is ehh. But this was purely about the visual appeal and why this is a “Potential” iPhone killer :o)

  5. Iont know, Windows Mobile has kinda stepped up over the past year or 2, the overall flow of it is getting a little better, but theyve switched things up and its not as bad as it used to be.

    i cant really give a true opinion on this one since i’m very HTC-biased, but their devices has also stepped up over the past couple of years, and i’ve had just about all of them there was to have under T-Mo, and if its anything like the Touch Cruise, this might be a winner.

    i guess we’ll know how good it is sometime late 2009, lol

  6. I just reread my comment and it came across as a little bitchy. Sorry dude! :)

    Something I’m trying to figure out right now is how the keyboard will function.

    These touchscreen devices need a haptic response to help typing. I would love to give this phone a type test.

    Great site!

  7. No problem Kyle, no offense taken, it all promote conversation. And true you are right, I wonder how the keyboard will work. That is the one thing that has me on the fence when these touch screen devices. I like my Blackberry keyboard. And I’m already trying to see if I cna get them to send me the device for a review :o)


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