Ok so I know we have been kind of slow on the Back to School Top 5s, but fear not it isn’t too late to pick up any of these players. So here is the Top 5 MP3 Players.

1. The iPod Touch – The new iPod Touch just recently went on sale and what can we say, it has all the goodness of the iPhone minus the phone part. When it comes to MP3s, people think iPod like people think Blackberry for email. We recommend the 32GB version which runs for $399.00, but there is also the 16GB ($299.00), and the 8GB version ($229.00).

2. The Creative Zen X-Fi – Yes there is MP3 player life after the iPod lol. My favorite is the Creative company. Their Creative Zen X-Fi not only has better sound than the iPod, better headphones, more features, but also expandability. The Zen X-Fi has a SD slot, so let’s say you get their 32GB model, slap a 32GB SD card in there and that is 64GB total. Plus SD cards are always expanding, so your updatability will always continue. You can get the 32GB model for $279.99 and the 16GB for $199.99

3. The New iPod Nano – Another iPod. This one we want to note because it just came out and the price for these is great. Available in a variety of colors, the 8GB models sells for $149.00 and the 16GB model goes for only $199.00. That is a hell of a price for 16GBs and it has all the features you guys know and love plus the new Genius playlist and “shake to shuffle”.

4.The Archos 5 – Though the Archos 5 is labeled a “Internet Media Tablet” this device makes a sexy looking MP3 player. And not only that but this thing can play movies, connect to your TV and become like a DVR, plus a whole string of other features. A little on the pricey side but this is a beast in a slick design. You can get the 60GB for $349.99, 120GB for $399.99, and the 250GB for $449.99

5. The Zune – Ok honestly we didn’t want to put this on the list, but there really isn’t any other players out there. So we won’t go into detail here. You can get the new Zune 120 for $249.99, there are cheaper options but really this is a Zune. If your going to get one, at least get the one wit the most storage space!

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