It has been awhile since anything cool has been in our Music-Culture section. MP3 players just ain’t popping like they use to. But leave it up to good ole Apple to bring something new to the table (they only do this like everything 6 months to a year lol). Today Apple have refreshed the Apple iPod Nano line as well as every iPod product with the announcement of the new model at their “Let’s Rock” event.

Available immediately from the Apple store (man they was fast), you can expect to pay $149.00 for a 8GB model, and $199.00 for a 16GB model. Not bad at all, especially that 199.00 for 16GB and all the cool colors they are in. And don’t forget they have annouced as well the release of iTunes 8, so download that with your new purchase. So who’s getting a new iPod Nano and what color? Let’s us know here. Check out more at

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