It is back to school month here at G Style Magazine. Be sure to check in with us next week as we start to upload our “Top 5s” of everything stylish in consumer electronics that you should be seen with on Campus or out and about. It is so much stuff, that we couldn’t even put it out this week, so definitely check in next week. Also don’t forget, even though the Digital Life Expo was canceled this year, we’re still going to give out some free stuff this month. We are looking to do this towards the end of the month into October, so stay tuned for details. So let’s see what is going on this week.

New Kanye West Album on the Way
Following the success of his “Graduation” Album released in September 2007, which has sold 2.2 million in the United States, Kanye will be releasing his fourth album by the end of this year. Most recently, the MC has been performing a new track called “Love Lockdown,” which is rumored to be his first single and to be hitting iTunes in a matter of days. Check out more at [Billboard]

Britney To Appear, But Not Perform At This Year’s VMA, Thank God!
I know you all remember her performance last time. Thankfully we won’t be subjected to that again this year. Although she will be opening the show, what she will be doing this year is a mystery. Check out more at [Billboard]

Ludacris Expected To Be Busy This Fall
Finishing up work on his new album “Theater of the Mind” and 2 flims, this is shaping up to be a good close of the year for Ludacris, a favorite artist here, we eagerly await this new album. Check out the rest at [Billboard]

Google Release It’s Own Browser Chrome
So many browsers out there, do we really need another one? We’re some FireFox users here, but so far have tried Google’s Chrome here and there, and it’s not too bad. There are a couple features we like about it, but check out more over at [BGR]

Seinfeld in HD
Seems TBSHD will start to show Seinfeld in HD. I can’t call this one though, Seinfeld being a great program that it is, it’s time may have passed. But hey if you want to watch something when you can’t find anything else on, check it out in HD, it is still sure to make you laugh….that Kramer…lol Read more at [EngadgetHD]

The Fall Season Has Started
Ok who has seen the 2 hour premiere of Fox’s Prison Break. I’m actually mad I forgot about it cause I was playing the Nintendo Wii, so I missed the first 46 minutes before I remembered it was on. But hey if your like me, checked it out, all 2 hours on, you don’t even need to sign up to watch. Also Transformers came out today on Blu Ray…is anyone even buying Blu Ray players yet?

The Blackberry’s Next Generation
Check out the next generation of Blackberry with the Blackberry Bold, Javelin, and the Kickstart over at [Crackberry]

Aight see y’all next week, it’s back to school time!

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