eVeek one of the reigning champs of Blackberry theme creation (Some of their themes are still my all time favorites and still remain on my Blackberry, just in case I want to switch up) have just launched their commercial theme site. Known as Elecite, this site so far houses 9 new themes created by them. And we must say they look niceee! Current favs from the group upon first glance include Lucid, Blingin, and Distinct. They are all good, however these 3 instantly stood out.

So far all of their themes are sporting a $6.99 price tag and are geared towards Blackberry OS 4.5 users. So if you haven’t upgraded yet, you need to hop on that Beta Bandwagon and get it popping. Either that or if you are on AT&T, wait as it is slated to drop the 4.5 OS sometime this month. Check out Elecite and their themes at www.elecite.com, and when your not doing anything have a hop over to www.eveek.com as they have a great community over there.

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