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September 1st is here everyone. First happy labor day to everyone, hopefully you will be enjoying this testing, celebrating the last bang of summer before we head out into the Fall. The fall season is here, summers is over, and time for some to get back to school. In TV the fall season will be starting, tonight with a new episode of Fox’s Prison break tonight, so be sure to catch it on Fox or Fox HD!

Here at G Style we are starting a new era, we want to finish up this year cementing the fact that we are the the place you need to be if you want to know what is stylish, what is trendy, what is fashionable in consumer electronics. G Style isn’t for everyone, but for those who would like to blur the lines between fashion and technology, this is the place for you. And now we are making it just that much easier to identify us. Whenever you see the logo above, you know you are accessing G Style Magazine. You will be able to see this logo on all of digital presences. Our main site, optimized mobile site, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Viigo, and of course RSS. So check out G Style and thank you for joining the movement!

Jason “VerSe” Anderson
G Style Magazine