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College Kids Want Simple Phones

College kids want simple phones, that was according to a study conducted at University of New Hampshire. Some prefer a simple phone versus smart device such as a Blackberry or an Iphone. When asked what were the top three features students that they used a phone for, 91 percent said talking, 87 for texting, and 85 said for an alarm clock so they can make it to work or their next class in the morning.

Also the study found that first year student are likely to use there new cell phone as a calculator and a camera on a regular basis, Engineering students were less likely to use voice to text capabilities of a phone while Business majors are quite the opposite, making an interest in using such a technology to either call contacts, write down memos without having to write, and navigate through mobile programs with ease.

**Publisher’s Note** I find this hard to believe when it seems everyone and their momma is trying to get their hands on a IPhone still, but hey with stat backing it up, I have a 92% chance of being wrong 75% of the time. lol

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