The summer is coming to a close. This is the last weekly recap of August and pretty much the school. This is the end of September, and the signal of back to school time. Coming in September, we’ll dive into the must have devices with G Style so you can go back to school correct. So let’s see what happened during this last week of summer.

Bloomberg Says Steve Jobs is Dead!
Talk about a misprint. Bloombery while making a revision, ending up printing that Steve Jobs who is Mr. Apple passed away. While Steve Job has had some health issue, he is far from having kicked the bucket. Looks like someone need to get fired over there at Bloomberg, check out more at [Gawker]

Ugly Phone Lands at Verizon
Let’s see, this will be simple, this phone is UGLY. Look at more at [BGR]

The Incredible Hulk Comes to Blu Ray October 21st!
I can’t stress enough how good this version of the Hulk this was over the last one. If you need to check out our review of the movie have a look here. This was a great movie and I’m sure it will add great value to anyone’s Blu Ray collection, check out more here [The HD Room]

The Blackberry Kickstart 8220 gets Price over at Rogers
We’re still over here waiting for the release of the Blackberry Bold over here and their already onto the Kickstart. Well looks like it has received a price, check that out and more over at [Engadget Mobile]

IPhone, IPhone, when will You Get it Right
So many things have gone phone, it would take too long to list them all. Now it seems to is a way to get pass the suppose security with a simple trick. And when will Apple resolve this, next month. Yes you dear IPhone will ave to guard your phone with your life for fear of someone getting in so simply for an entire month, got to love it! Check out more at [Engadget Mobile]

Email Can Get You Fired
This should be a no brainer. If you are at working, personal emails or the wrong kind of emails could get you in hot water with your employer. And if you didn’t know this by now, it is seriously time to read up on this piece at [US News]

The King of Pop Turns 50
There is no telling this big kid it is time to grown up. Jackson’s idea of a birthday, “I’ll just have a little cake with my children and we’ll probably watch some cartoons,” as stated by Jackson in a interview with ABC News. Check out more at [Billboard]

That’s it for this week’s recap, I’ll keep it light as we’re going into the Labor day weekend. Also I apologize for this not coming in on Friday. I was out enjoying another reviewing of the Dark Knight and taking a trip to the Nintendo store in Manhattan, NY where I finally joined the Wii club. Everyone enjoy your Labor Day Weekend and don’t forget if you are home on the PC to check out our new logo on Monday September 1st. If your out and about, well log on from your mobile phone and check it out there!

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