It is with heavy heart that I must inform all of you, that the Digital Life Expo for this years has been postponed canceled until next year (hopefully). To us here at G Style, this is especially sad news as we were setting up for a big push of the magazine at this year’s show. And we were going to have plenty of goodies to give out to you guys while we were there.

The reason for the expo cancel are unclear, but in a email sent to me terms like “poor economic conditions” have been tossed out. So while we hope there will be a show for next year, this year is a no go. However we would like to still thank you guys for supporting us over the years and also the new viewers who have given us a boost in numbers recently! The owners of G Style Magazine (Myself and our behind the scenes co-owner) had a meeting last night at Max Brenner and we have decided we are still going to do a giveaway. So stay tuned this September as we announce what and how to win this giveaway!