So it’s been a slow week this week at G Style. Yes we had the The Dark Knight movie review (which was hot by the way!!), for the most part there hasn’t been much style oriented devices that caught our attention this week. While the LG Dare and the Chocolate 3 may be some notables, we are still on the fence with them. We will contact LG to perhaps send them over for some one on one time so we can come to a conclusion. Pictured is the rumored IPhone 3G that should be available come holiday time. This is rumored, so you’ll just have to see this holiday season. Click on the link for the week’s recap.

Well since it is/was a slow week, I’ve decided to kick off our Weekly recap. This will be more news oriented. It will still be Mobile, Music, and G-Zone related, but more industry as a whole (more like what those other tech magazine focus on). So each week, we’ll talk about some interesting stuff as well as links to the whole story that we notice here. So as far as this week.

Apple’s MobileMe service Isn’t shaping up to what it’s Suppose to be!
Apparently Apple MobileMe service just hasn’t been off to a good start. After having troubles at launch, downtime, and constant errors, MobileMe still is having issues. The latest is that MobileMe customers aren’t able to access the email portion of the service. For more check out BGR

User Slydial to Avoid People You don’t really want to talk to

The concept is simply, use Slydial to call straight to a person’s voicemail, thus avoid having to talk to them at all. This should come in handy for those people you don’t really want to have a long conversation with or just don’t want to talk to period. Now you can bypass that all together and just leave them a message. Read more at BerryReview.

Nas Bumps Lil Wayne for the top Seat on the Billboard 200
Nas’s untitled Def Jam release tops Lil Wayne selling 187,000 copies according to Nielsen SoundScan becoming Nas’s 5th number #1. Read the rest here at Billboard

AT&T Now Supports Windows Live Messenger & Yahoo Messenger!
I know this is something that has got on my nerve with AT&T for a while. I ended up hacking my Blackberry to get Yahoo Messenger on it, and have now moved on to JiveTalk (now known as BeeJive IM). But apparently AT&T now like Blackberry users user Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo Messenger on their BBs, with no hacking needed. Now all they need to do is get it going with the AIM IM client. You can read the rest at BerryReview

Is In-Store Movie Renting a thing of the Past?
A recent survey see some 87% think renting DVDs will become a thing of the past and a hug 94% think digital downloads are better for the environment. Have a look at EngadgetHD.

WordPress for iPhone now available
I must say this one has me hating. While I wish they had a WordPress for the Blackberry (why why don’t they!?) This is a great move for WordPress. WordPress is a popular blogging platform and this application for the iPhone is a great step. You can check out more about this at

That is it for this weekly recap but look for more next week!

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