Ok so we are in July now. The IPhone 3G just dropped last week and still no Blackberry Bold. I don’t know about you but i’m getting a little antsy!

Fortunately I was able to find this new Blackberry theme for my Blackberry 8310. If you remember before I talked about Being in the Blackberry Bold Spirit. But that was when the Blackberry Bold had that red background. They have since changed it to the Blue background you seen above and below (and quite frankly I’m loving the blue treatment better).

So of course in keeping with the Spirit of the Blackberry Bold, I hand to switch up the theme and rock this version better. And I must tell you, the pictures while good don’t do this theme any justice! Once you have the theme on your Blackberry, it is so vivid and clear, this is the best version of the Blackberry Bold theme I’ve seen so far! Hands down the best! If you want to know where I got it, hit this post up with some comments and I’ll let you know (I got to see if you guys are reading this lol). Of course if you notice my main screen, I’ve added some apps since that last screen shot of me with the other theme.

I’ve added Flickr for Blackberry. This app is great. I love the seamless way of adding pictures and uploading it straight to Flickr. I gave this a full test one on my trip to Florida back in June, and the Flickr app is smooth. You can find out more about the Flickr app HERE. I’ve also added JiveTalk to my BB.

JiveTalk (now known as BeeJiveIM) is a great application for AIM. With it you can use AIM, YIM, MSN, ICQ, GoogleTalk if I remember right, Jabber, Window Live Messenger, and even MySpace IM. I was told about this application before but didn’t have real need for it till now. And I’m glad I added it, this program is sweet. I must note, this will cost you either $19.95 or $29.95 depending on the license you get, but it is totally worth it! You can find out more about BeeJiveIM at www.beejive.com. And lastly I’ve added or should I say upgraded to Viigo’s Project Tango.

Of course you know that Viigo is the truth for the Blackberry. In fact I would go as far as to say that Viigo is as important to the Blackberry as Emails are. Yes Viigo has a client for Windows Mobile but no Blackberry user should be without Viigo on their device. And now they have their Project Tango version. The interface off the top of my head is so much better than the original and will only get better. They are due to release another beta version at the end of July and I for one can’t wait for the new improves. If you want the new Tango beta yourself you can check out more information at www.viigo.com/beta

That’s it for now, so check back to see what’s popping at G Style. Hopefully next time we talk about the Blackberry Bold Spirit, we won’t be talking about another theme but the actual Bold!

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