Pacemaker, The Pocketsized DJ System

I was suppose to put this up on Friday morning, this product was just that hot! I got a little sidetracked with the passing of a close friend, so now I have to tell you guys (and gals) about the Pacemaker!

I had the pleasure of seeing this product first hand at the Digital Life Summer Press Preview. After seeing it, I think I spend most of my time checking this device out. This device is crazy, it has a 120GB hard drive so you can get all your music right on the device. Had a mixer, crossfader, and effects all in the device itself. The price is a little steep but keep in mind, this is on the scale of a actual DJ deck system, and this can be used to actually DJ a party by just plugging the line out right into some speakers. This is currently going for $874.06 on their site at Check out this video below for a cool intro on what the Pacemaker does.