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Push Email for the iPhone, finally!

Now while I may not be a fan of the iPhone (I’m a die hard Blackberry user), I do note that the iPhone has G Style. This is a visually cool device. However the one thing it just didn’t have was Push email. But it seems tomorrow that is about to change. Tomorrow come time between 6pm and 12am (according to BGR) Apple will be rolling out MobileMe.

The concept of MobileMe is to sync your mobile phone with your MAC or PC at home so that no matter where you are you are up to date. One of the features of MobileMe is that it stores all your email, contacts, and calendars on an online server and pushes them to your iPhone, iPod touch, Mac, and PC. When you make a change on one device, the it will update the others. This happens automatically, instantly, and continuously. Another feature is Me.com; with Me.com you will be able to check your email, change your calendar, edit your contacts, and more. Me.com is a free suite of web applications – Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Gallery, and iDisk.

So iPhone/iPod Touch users celebrate, this to me would be somewhat of the MAC version of the Blackberry BIS accounts, sort of, but definitely celebrate Push email! and stay tuned. For more information check out www.me.com

Jason Andersonhttp://about.me/jasonlanderson
Jason Anderson is the Publisher & Editor At Large of G Style Magazine. A known gadget head and lover of all things digital. Some of his favorite movies include Hackers, The Net, The Matrix (1, 2, & 3), and Transformers.....see a trend here lol.


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