Rockstar iPod accessory by BelkinWhile it’s true, all MP3 players aren’t made the same, from iPod mini, to Archos and even the Zune, they all have the same basic function. Carrying a boat load of tunes for our listening pleasure. So what sets one device apart from another other than name brand? The playlists! With expanding capacities most people can download and listen to every song they can remember with the touch of a button… but what if you did miss a song? Forget to upload Rhianna’s new joint? Or even Ashanti’s? Didn’t know Usher had a new song? But your co-worker did?… No worries, Belkin has you covered, with the newest accessory geared to but not limited iPods of all generations. Although, the item is not yet available, it was designed to allow for connection of up to five headphones, and your iPod, to start sharing. Or add another iPod to mix songs and listen together (Additional 3.5mm-to-3.5mm cable to connect another iPod). It’s not just for iPod it works with all MP3 and DVD players, as well as other portable media devices. It’s current price is $19.99, so if your friends always have all the “cool songs”, this may be an accessory you’ll wanna keep an eye out for.

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