Dash Express is a new GPS system on the market and it aims to make traveling smarter and easier for drivers. This unit is connected to the streets like a crew on Broadway and can connect to other Dash Express units for up to date travel and traffic conditions. It’s also customizable with applications which can be sync via computer and the apps are always constantly updated via Wi-Fi or cellular networks. There is even room for contacts for emails or a quick phone call that is all accessed by the touch screen. With all this tech in one device, this a definitely a great piece to add to your cool ride.

The Dash Express has Tru Traffic which is the Dash’s mobile network that communicates with other units which works like walkie talkies for automobiles on the road all in real time. Tru Traffic gives drivers traffic reports and routes for detour or routes suggested by other drivers from it GPS points collected every 15 minutes. The applications range from Trapper, a speed trap notifier, to Weather Bug, which gives up to date weather information. The internet is powered both by cellular networks and Wi-Fi and searching is powered by Yahoo Local Searches to give locations on hotels, gas stations, hospitals and more and prices for services is available prepaid and post paid through Dash Navigation. Maps by Telenav and Google Maps are always updated regularly, and special routes can be sync via Send2Ca , which sends information from the web to the device all from the user’s account.

So if Tom Tom and Garmin is not cutting it for the road trips, try out the Dash Express and see what it can do for that next trip home. With the Tru Traffic, internet access, and even personalization of apps and more, there is no way to get lost with this device. The Dash is also small, so having a clunky dash board is not going to be a hassle. Dash Express is available now and it has a price tag of $399 and payment are available through Dash Navigation. To learn more about Dash Express, visit www.dash.net

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