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MiuTunes for Blackberry Review

MiuTunes is a 3rd party media player for the Blackberry smartphone. While some more Blackberry models have a built in media player like that some Pearl, Curve, and 8800 series models, they do leave much to be desire. In come MiuTunes. Continue reading for our review on it.

The MiuTunes interface sections consists of Artwork, Playlists, Years, Genres, Songs, Artists, and Albums which are all ways to access your music. Honestly the one way that is really of interest here is it’s Artworks section. While it is nice to be able to access your music by genre, artist, year it was made, or by playlist, it is the Artwork area that best shows off this software.

The artwork area, gives the media player “Iphone, Ipod Touch” cover flow feature. For those that like that feature on the Iphone, it brings this to the Blackberry. This feature is the best of the application. This allows you to flip through album art just like the Iphone. This by far is the best feature of the software and something I love about this software. Now while I don’t use my Blackberry as a music players, I know a lot of people do. The off thing about this software is their choice of keyboard shortcuts and the fact that this software cost $29.95. I’m sorry for a application whose best feature is just the cover flow like the Iphone and nothing else spectacular, that price is one of it’s strongest down points!

But if this is the software for you, you can check out more information at their site www.miutunes.com

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