So how was everyone’s Memorial Day Weekend? Hope it was a good one. We took a break ourselves here at G Style and relaxed some. Me personally, visited some friends out in Brewster, NY on Saturday, relaxed on Sunday, and did a little shopping on Monday. And now were back, as you can see some of the staff here, took in a movie this weekend, so check out the Indiana Jones movie review below, and stay tuned. I recently updated my Blackberry Curve 8310 to the new Blackberry 4.5 OS, so I’ll be putting my thoughts up on that in the LifeStyle area, plus my review on MiuTunes a music player application that resembles the interface of the Iphone/Itouch/newer Ipod with the whole “Coverflow” feel. So check out that as well this week. And hey leave a comment, let’s us know what you did this Memorial Weekend.

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