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How to “G Style Up” Your Blackberry

To follow up where we left off with the “How to get into the blackberry bold spirit” post, we figured we take sometime to show the users of the Blackberry, especially the 8700 series and up models there is much more to the BB than just sending emails.

So how can you customize the Blackberry. The first I would say is the Blackberry themes. There are tons of themes and with them you can drastically changed the look of your Blackberry. From the Background, to the icons, to the want the text for your menus look. See above, this is how my current themes looks, I’m currently using the theme that looks how the new Blackberry Bold looks (even though they have changed it now from Red to Blue, but it still looks good on the Curve). So let’s see how a simple theme can change the look. See above, now look below:

See how different that looks now. From the icons to the background, much different from above. And this is just the theme. There are there are other ways to add to the style of your phone, like applications. Applications can help you in your day to day, and just keep you entertained throughout the day.

One such application is PhoneTag (formerly SimulScribe). This application makes voicemail so much easier and faster to use than traditional voicemail. Ever since the iPhone and it’s visual voicemail, people with the iPhone think they have one up on others. But with PhoneTag, the Blackberry is right there with them. With PhoneTag I can access my voicemail, like the Visual Voicemail on the iPhone. I can scroll through my voicemail and picture which one I want to listen to, but I can do more. With PhoneTag, it convert my voicemails to text, so if I don’t have time to listen, I can read my voicemails like a email or text message. To see that image, have a look in our Gallery.

Another application would be Viigo. I’m talked about Viigo before on here, but it stand to repeat as this application is just that good. I can’t wait for their new version codenamed Project Tango. With Viigo you can get up to date with all your favorite websites, blogs, and news sites provided they have a RSS for their site. You can even keep up to date with G Style Magazine right from Viigo as we have a channel on their platform. They also have support to integrate with Google Reader and also get feeds from Craigslist.org. And coming soon with their Project Tango release there will be audio podcast, real time Sports and Flight information!

Another good application to have is xTemplate. If you are like me where you may have to send the same kinds of emails time and time again, then retyping each time is just not a option. Just as the names states, xTemplate is a Email and Text Template application. “Use email templates to send messages that include the repeated information. Send informative responses faster than you could by typing them in a usual way with your BlackBerry keyboard. Create a variety of templates for each and every case of your business life.” This is definitely a time saver for me!

There there is Facebook. It is quite funny this application. I wasn’t even a Facebook user when this first came out. When this application came out for the Blackberry, I joined Facebook just to try out the application and see what it was about. Now some 6 months later, I still have the application and a active member of Facebook! The Facebook application let’s you do some of the core Facebook features, like change your status, upload pictures to your profile, sending messages, writing on other users walls, and poke them (though I never figured out what is the usefulness of the poke in the first place lol.

Ok as I wrap this up, there is 2 more applications I want to talk about. The first of those is The WeatherEye for Blackberry and Google Maps. First the WeatherEye. As you recall I said I was getting rid of WeatherBug. WeatherBug is a ok application, but it just wasn’t that good where I was going to pay for it. So along came WeatherEye by the The Weather Network. This application is great. It along me to check the forecast for the day, and then for a long term forecast of the next 5 days. It will even change the icon on my home screen to reflect the current weather condition, have a look at that screen shot in the Gallery. And the price, free of course! You can download it right from your Blackberry here

Last is Google Maps. Everyone know what Google Maps is, and that they have a mobile application for Blackberry and some other smartphones, so no screen shot needed for this one. I just have to mention that if you have a GPS equipped Blackberry, this is great and if you don’t the 2.0 version of the application does great cellphone triangulation and does a really good job of knowing the general area your in.

Well that is it for this LifeStyle edition of how to G Style Up your device. Next we may do Window Mobile Devices, so stay tuned! And have a look at our Gallery for all the images!

Jason Andersonhttp://about.me/jasonlanderson
Jason Anderson is the Publisher & Editor At Large of G Style Magazine. A known gadget head and lover of all things digital. Some of his favorite movies include Hackers, The Net, The Matrix (1, 2, & 3), and Transformers.....see a trend here lol.


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