So last night Lupe performed at New York’s SOBs and G Style Magazine got a last minute chance to check out the show. First let me say the place was packed! I mean packed where you wasn’t moving to far to your left, right, front, or back! The tickets stated 8:00pm but the show didn’t start till about 9:30ish (which was good cause we didn’t get there till 9pm)

The Lupe show was great, this is the first time I really ever check out a live show of his and he is quite the entertainer. In true Web 2.0, mobile on the go fashion we ran out and forgot our camera, so we had to make do with my Blackberry, the images don’t look too bad small, so hey lol.

He started off the show stating that tonight we was celebrating to which he pulled out his plaque for The Cool album and then proceeded to announced that’s 500,000 for Hip Hop. He repeated this phrase throughout the night usually after completed one of his songs to which he would say “That’s 500,000 for what?” encouraging the crowd to chant “Hip Hop”, to which he would respond “You Damn Right!”

He performed many of his hits with his live band called 1500 Or Nothing as well as his singer Sarah Green, 1st and 15th Lead Lady. Some of the songs he performed were “Kick, Push”, “Daydreamin”, “The Cool”, “Go Go Gadget Flow”, “The Coolest”, “Paris, Tokyo”, “Hip Hop Saved My Life”, “Little Weapon”, “Dumb it Down”, and ending the show with a amped up performance of his hit “Superstar”. I must say Lupe is a refreshing performer to watch, what kills me about him is how he would have this grin on his face after each song. I’m just not use to seeing rappers smile so much, so he peared one pure kool-aid smile lol. It was a great show and the crowd loved him!

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