The Blackberry Curve, Now for you Verizon Wireless & Sprint Users

Now what is sad about this, is that on the evening of the Blackberry 9000 launching, Sprint and Verizon Wireless users are finally getting the Blackberry Curve. Being a Curve user myself, I can only look proudly as the many users will not get to experience all of the Blackberry Curve goodness!

So let’s get down to the basically, we don’t have to tell you what it does, or what it has minus a few features, if you have see any T-Mobile & AT&T user showing off their Curve, you already know and have been drooling and waiting since. Ok so the Sprint Curve will run you $179.99 after a 2 year activation and rebates, this Curve has GPS and uses CDMA/EVDO data speeds. The Verizon Wireless one will run you $219.99 (ouch compared to Sprint) after a online discount, the price and/or rebates may be a little different in the stores.

But finally I know some of you have been waiting for this moment, and now you can finally joint the ranks of T-Mobile, and AT&T. Shame they about to drop the Blackberry 9000 now, but hey enjoy that Curve goodness!