This was suppose to be a article mainly about this phone, but upon closer inspection, this phone got my hopes up and then down at the same time. Let me show you why. Above is the artist illustration of the phone. We haven’t seen too many watch phones that look cool, but this thing looked hot! I was ready to find out where and how much. Until I seen below…

I seen this and lost my desire in all of 3.2 seconds. Artist rendering was so misleading that I was in complete shock. Never again, I will have to see live shots before I ever get excited again! If this phone still interests you, you can read a little more below, but if your like me, you have already left the page!

Imagine having a watch phone that takes up less power to use and can view video, well that what the MW2 mobile watch phone can do. Not only sharp for those power business meetings, it handles data like any other major device. The silver color also really clean and the design might have people passing those techo marines for a watch with tech and style.

The MW2 is loaded with features which includes a 1.3 camera , Bluetooth with dual stereo connectivity, PIM features for data and phone book. It has a mini SD card slot for music, videos, and pictures that be can be viewed on a 1.3 inch screen. It also comes with a USB port to move and update any information on the phone. The keypad to dial is on the strap of the watch so dialing is no problem when using it for calls. The MW2 supports six different languages and comes unlocked and ready for any carrier world wide.

This European beauty will run around 300 Euros or 470 dollars. So much tech and time on one hand, this phone is perfect for those who want to switch between devices when on the go. The MW2 is available now at