Again while we have the guys here, we decide to now dive into a brief discussion on music culture.

GS:So when you listen to music, who are you guys currently listening to?

TH: I usually go back to the old school; MoTown Records (like) Donnie, and Stevie. Current artists I’m listening to are The Dream, Chris Breezy doing his thing. I’m also digging Day 26 too, their album is pretty tight, and Jay Hova on the playlist. You have the classics too like Biggie Smalls, Tupac and Big Pun for the Latin people; Salsa, Reggaton, Daddy Yankee, you know keep it real hood and latin right there.

GS: Let me bring it to a serious note, what do you guys think about MP3 file sharing?

TH: I’m not going to front, I download songs for free off of Limewire, but I don’t think it is a good thing. There are a lot of artists out there that put their feelings, heart, and soul into their music. They put their hard work into their music. But if we feeling it, we always support. We in the game ourselves and eventually we going to be selling our material, if we like it we will go cop the record. We’ll download it but if we like it , we’ll go buy the record.

Thank you guys, thank you for keeping it real with us. While downloading may be cool, it is good to put it out there that you should buy the music to support the artists that took the time to put their heart and soul into their music like yourselves. We look forward to the day you guys have your album out as well!

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