Verizon Getting some Cool Phones this Spring

Although these phones aren’t really new to the game, it is good to see that Verizon owners can finally look forward to some of the hot phones AT&T and T-Mobile having been enjoying already.

The Blackberry Curve 8330 should hit stores come May and it will sport a 2MP camera, support for 8GB memory cards which is nice, it will have EVDO of course and will support streaming video playback (can we say YouTube). No word on pricing yet but keep a look out.

The XV6900 (what’s up with the weird name, they should just call it the Touch) will be Verizon’s version of this phone. Nothing really different for this phone, and it should hopefully be out come April. No word on pricing as of yet, we’ll keep you posted. Finally Verizon is stepping up to the plate!

***UPDATED*** The XV6900 is slated to come out online first on April 16, with it coming to retail stores on April 30th!