Sony PS3It seems the Sony PS3 will finally become a 2.0 Player. Sony has announced that the new firmware will be coming in late March. The new firmware will allow new interactive features to your PS3. This update will bring the PS3 more in line with the higher end Blu Ray players.

Other features of this update include the ability to copy photos and music playlists over USB from your PS3 to PSP. This will also include better DivX and WMV support, better interaction with the PSP, and better web browsing. This update continues to make the Sony PS3 the better option for jumping into the High Def Movie arena still, now that HD-DVD is dead and all of the current Blu Ray players still cost upwards of $400.00 and aren’t even profile 2.0 yet. Sad that you have to using what is primarily a gaming system first as your HD movie source, but hey the PS3 is still a sexier looking device in it’s own right!

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