This header comes courtesy of Kodi Me’chele of Soul Vibe Entertainment. The shot was take by Photographer Laura Olsson, you can see more of her work at

Soul Vibe Entertainment is an entertainment company created and owned by an unknown comedienne by the name of Kodi Me’chele. Kodi Me’chele for years has entertained people with her funny character and charisma. After a few years of doing things for other people, Kodi Me’chele decided it was time to give those underground artist and herself a chance to shine in the industry under her own rules. She decided to create her own company that brings underground artists of all genre to show their talent, including herself. Soul Vibe Entertainment is a company that will eventually become an independent music label for hungry artist who have the best music there is, that the commercial companies aren’t paying any attention to.

On Soul Vibe Entertainment, an artist will have the chance to do their own music and movies managed by Kodi Me’chele herself. Soul Vibe Entertainment isn’t just about music, but its about the heart of poetry, comedians, dj’s and so much more. Though Soul Vibe Entertainment was established by accident, it so far has proven to be something very big and going beyond something anyone, including Kodi Me’chele herself has expected, “the next BIG thing in the industry”.

So far Soul Vibe Entertainment is coming out in 2008 with a clothing line called “SOUL CITY WEAR” and her own independent mini
DVD movie called “THE LIFE”. Created, directed and produced by Kodi Me’chele herself, amongst other projects in the making. I guess what one would say “Dreams really do come true, if you believe enough.”

You can check her out on, and if your a user of the new iMacs, her site looks great on those screens!