The New Newspaper

Corporate TypeYou know the type. On the train/bus during the morning and evening rush, heading to work. Whether they are standing up or sitting down, relaxing in their park as in the picture, they are reading the paper. I could never be that type I tried reading a paper once, I was on the train, trying to fold it and it turned into a uncontrollable mess. I figured I just wasn’t the “reading the newspaper” type.

Viigo ScreenTonight on the way home while on the train, then on the bus, then walking to my home I was deep into my Blackberry. While walking to my home, I came to the realization, that I am the Newspaper type. I am that guy who reads the paper during the morning and evening rush, I just read the new Newspaper. You see people I own a Blackberry, I use on my Blackberry a program called Viigo. Viigo is a RSS reader, now if you don’t know what RSS is, this is the article for that definition. To put it real simple terms, RSS allows you to follow a blog or website without having to visit the site all the time to check for new stuff. Viigo is a program that gathers all the RSS feeds you want into one place, so you can read it on the go.

So you see, Viigo is MY Newspaper. With Viigo, I can follow all the sites, blogs, and other while on the go. So yes I’m reading MY paper during the morning and evening rush, while relaxing, and on the go. The Blackberry & Viigo is the new Newspaper.