jumper_smallteaser.jpgWhat can I say about Hayden Christensen. He has gone from playing the young man, who becomes Darth Vader, one of evils most recognizable villains who uses telephatic powers to control his enemies, to starring in another movie where his mind takes him to new heights. In this movie Hayden plays David Rice, a young man who discovers when he’s 15 years old that he can think of a place and teleport there in the blink of an eye. David enjoys his powers, and all that comes with his abilities, until he discovers that using them has put a group of righteous followers on his trail. The group is lead by Agent Roland (Samuel L. Jackson), a ruthless, torture first, kill second type of guy with a head full of silver hair, and very bad mean streak. Agent Roland and his group aren’t the only ones who have been keeping a track of David’s jumping. He’s also been watched by Griffin (Jamie Bell), a jumper himself, who has learned to use his powers to kill those of Agent Roland’s group. David finds himself in the middle of a war that has been going on for thousands of years between “Jumpers” and those sworn to kill them. Before he figures out whats going on he has now involved Millie Harris (Rachel Bilson) a child hood crush, who he must now show his abilities to, in order to save both of their lives. The movie has great teleportation effects, and some of the most breathtaking visuals to go with it. It’s a fast non stop ride, as you zip through time zones with our boys David & Griffen.


The story is well written, and keeps you interested through out. The only thing that I had a hard time getting over, was waiting for Hayden to mentally lift something with his mind, or choke someone with a thought. I highly recommend this movie, for it’s visual effects alone. Plus it seems like it’s set for a sequel, so go see the beginning of what seems like it’ll be a fun ride from start to finish. I give it 3 teleportations out of 4.

Life is a movie, be a Star. Ezo

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