If you enjoy fashion, you will love these laptop bags by J’tote. These laptop bags are designed for style and comfort. Whether your bold “the Afric” or more subtle “the Grainne” in your style; you will find a bag just your type. The two bags that G Style found to be hot picks where:

The “Afric” for it’s bold purple suede floral print and bamboo handle with wood – beaded tassels cascading on the sides

Aficia Bag

and,the “Grainne” for it’s more subtle pretty floral motifs. The Grainne comes in a very beautiful forest green color in a very rich leather material.

Grainne bag

Both laptop bags are so fashionable, you can sashay down the street without anyone realizing it’s actually a laptop bag. Now that’s G Style! If you want to know more about these laptop bags and any other styles J’tote has to offer just go to their website www.jtotebags.com

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