GiantsWell since G Style is based in New York City, we have to share in saying congratulations to the New York Giants. Superbowl 42 was one hell of a game. With the defense on both team being so superb that this was such a low scoring game. With the final score being 17-14 Giants, this was a game of games. The picture here, to me was the play of the game. After Eli Manning managed to break free from almost being sacked, the throw to and catch by David Tyree was incredible! From catching the ball with one hand, then hand to head, then stretched out in almost matrix moment, was great football.

And how does this relate to G Style. Well for one, if you didn’t see the game in HD, then you definitely need to work on that for next year. Once you go HD, the game is truly worth seeing. The Giants win the Superbowl in HD, greatness in beautiful High Definition! Remarkable, congratulations again to the New York Giants from G Style Magazine!

Also if you watched the commercials from the game, this had to be the best commercial hands down!

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