Custom BBLet’s be clear people, I think I’m in love! Let me first start this post off by saying this is company has the official G Style approved stamp on it, directly from me the Publisher himself. Colorware is the company, and if your think just customizing your BB theme is the end, these guys clearly don’t think so.

Colorware gives you 2 options you can design your color scheme and then send your phone in for them to do it, or buy an unlocked one with that color scheme. The downside to sending it it, is it can take 3-4 weeks to do, so if your feel like your BB is literally apart of your being like myself, this is too long to bare. I picture you see above is my dream design, a royal blue looking color with white on the sides. They have a design studio right on the side that allows you see how the colors will look and select the ones you want. To do a Blackberry Curve, it will run you about $114 dollars, to purchase one with your design unlocked will run $514. Colorware also does other products like the Sony PS3, Xbox 360, Laptops, iPhones, Zunes, iPods, SK3s, and even HDTV. Now where I couldn’t see giving up my HDTV for 4 weeks, or my BB for that matter, this truly has G Style!

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