Harmony One RemoteAnother great Universal Remote from Logitech. The Harmony line is well known and I believe they still hold the crown of elite, when it comes to Universal Remotes. The Harmony One retails for $249.99 and will be coming out soon. Yes $249.99 may be a little pricey for a Universal Remote but remember this is the elite of the bunch.

The Harmony One has the same goodness as all the other models, it can control up to 15 devices. It also has activity buttons like watch a DVD, watch TV, listen to music and etc. This model also has a colored touch screen and comes with a rechargeable batteries and a base to recharge the batteries on. Me personally I wouldn’t pay $249.99 for this remote, I would get the Harmony 550 model (Which I just brought actually!) but there is no denying the style of the Harmony One; plus hey who needs 4+ remotes when one will do!

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