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Why it took 2 days to buy a mouse from Best Buy…

Logitech Nano MouseI wanted a new laptop mouse for the longest time. I had been checking for the Logitech VX Nano Laptop Mouse, but the price kept changing. When the mouse was $72.99 they had 5000 of them in stock, when it went on sale for $49.99 they had none (which I swear is a set up cause I go to that store almost everyday).

So I work in midtown Manhattan, and there is a Best Buy on 43rd and 5th Avenue. I was on Bestbuy.com and I seen the mouse on sale for $49.99. I made a move on it, I ordered it and paid for it on the site, and chose the 5th avenue store as the pick up location. As I head to the store earlier than I was suppose to, before I go to the pick up area, I go downstairs just to see if they had the mouse in stock. They had 10-14 of them on the shelf, so i go to the pick up area. First the Salesperson can’t find my order in the system, and after some time said I had to wait for the second email that says your pick up is ready. Ok granted I got there early, so I leave the store disappointed but that is fine. So why do I then get a email from bestbuy.com that says the store doesn’t have none in stock. I called bestbuy.com and the rep tells me according to her system they don’t have none. I’m like Miss that can’t be as I was just in the store, and they have like 15 of them. The salesperson had a guy bring it up to me, they just couldn’t find my order number, so they do have it in the store. This rep is going to tell me well in her system they don’t. So I have the option of canceling the order and then going to the store and buying it (which I can’t do cause then I have to wait 4 days for them to release the hold on the money, or I would be double charged why I waited for the release), having them ship it (which they won’t do overnight even though it is a mistake on their system and she said it would take 3-5 days, horrible), or having her select another store to pick up.

So even though I’m annoyed now, I ask about the one on 86th street and Lex. She changed it to that, but guess what! I have to wait another 45 mins to a hour for another email saying when I can pick it up. So now on top of them wasting my time even though the store did have it. I have to wait 45 mins to go to another store to get it. I wait an hour and I get the pick it up now email. I go to the 86th street Best Buy and Ii get the mouse. I get all the way home and pull out the mouse only to see they gave me the wrong one. Now I didn’t know cause there is 2 models, the VX Nano laptop mouse, and the VX Revolution, and they look almost exactly the same. So it is now 8pm and I make a mad dash to the Best Buy in Mt. Vernon to exchange it. I make it there by 8:30 (they close at 9pm) and the lady tells me they can’t exchange it cause it was picked up from the 86th street one. I’m like isn’t a Best buy store all the same, she states well it isn’t from our inventory so we would be minus one now. I’m like this makes no sense, you guys having be messing me up all day with mistakes and now I have to go back to the other store to fix it. She says well the only way I can do it is if you return it and then buy this one here (which again if I refund it, I still have to wait for the money to be taken off hold) so she is basically saying I would lose the one they gave me, I wouldn’t get the new one, and I would be leaving the store with nothing and out the money I paid until 4 days later when the hold got released. So now I’m pissed. And I head home.

So the next day I go back to the store on 86th street and they change the mouse and that is why it took 2 days to buy a mouse from Best Buy. Beware of Bestbuy.com and the Store Pickup option!

Jason Andersonhttp://about.me/jasonlanderson
Jason Anderson is the Publisher & Editor At Large of G Style Magazine. A known gadget head and lover of all things digital. Some of his favorite movies include Hackers, The Net, The Matrix (1, 2, & 3), and Transformers.....see a trend here lol.


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