Toshiba & HD-DVD Counter Back!

HD-DVD LogoIt seems HD-DVD is ready to counter back. After taking a blow during CES 2008 (Consumer Electronics Show) and losing Warner Bros Entertainment to Blu Ray (who choose to go with Blu Ray exclusively), they are finally countering back.

Toshiba has finally released an announcement that it is stepping up its successful marketing campaign for HD-DVD as it experienced record-breaking unit sales in the fourth quarter of 2007. Major initiatives, including joint advertising campaigns with studios and extended pricing strategies will begin in mid-January and are designed to spotlight the superior benefits of HD-DVD as well as the benefits HD-DVD brings to a consumer’s current DVD library by upconverting standard DVDs via the HDMI(TM) output to near high definition picture quality.

They will now lower the MSRP of their models effective January 13, 2008. The HD-A3 will now go for $149, the HD-A30 for $199, and the HD-A35 will be $299. With MSRP prices this low we could see street prices going even lower, with one example of already offering the HD-A3 for $130.25.

With HD-DVD players now priced lower, can this signal mass adoption as their prices are now within reach of high end upconverting DVD players. Time will tell.