Sling Player coming for the Blackberry!

Sling Player on BB Looks like the time for the Sling Player is almost upon us. Every since the Sling Box came out and then Sling Player for Windows Mobile devices, the question has always been “When would they have one for the Blackberry?”. Well if seems that time may be upon us.

Right now all we know is that the Sling Player will be coming for Blackberry sometime later this year and it should retail for $29.99. However it is made more for the 3G & WiFi enabled Blackberries. It has been confirmed though, that the player will work over an EDGE network, though this won’t be the best way to use it. So it looks like if you want to be able to use it, you will be ok with your EDGE BB for now, but eventually you will have to upgrade. But look on the bright side, with the Blackberry 9000 in the works, what a way to bundle up! Wait it out and get yourself a Blackberry 9000 and Sling Player and get to place shifting!