It has been some time for this part of the quest. So much research has been put into finding the right sound system. First there was the matter of price, was I going to spend upwards of 1000+, somewhere midrange of $500-600, or go with bargain. And let’s not forget style is still a major factor here, as this wouldn’t be G Style if it wasn’t.

Onkyo System

I decided after much research and pure luck running into this, I went with the Onkyo HTSR800S. After much research online, I discovered this to be a great brand. Now while I ran into the black version of this model, the silver had more style to it. This model is a Surround Sound 7.1 system, which consist of 7 speakers and a big subwoofer. This model also includes a microphone that the system uses to calibrate all the speakers for you, so each gives the best sound for the room. And all this cost $399.99 at J&R in New York City. You might be able to still find it there, but if not most places are selling it for $499.99. This system pumps out a total 1000 Watts of power and I must say from my beginning tests, this model is a steal for the price.

Onkyo Reciever

So now I have the 7.1 Surround Sound system to go with the HDTV, and the Media streamer. I’m almost complete in my quest. Next I must decide, which side of the format war I’m going to go with…HD-DVD or Blu Ray! As you can’t complete a sweet entertainment center without picking a HD movie player to complete the rest of this HD equipment. Stay tuned

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