While we seem to be on the topic of Skinning. We just couldn’t let another day go by without talking about DecalGirl. They are doing a great job with skins at great prices. They have skins for the Ipod, Zune, PS3/PS2, Xbox, Laptops, Phones, PSPs, shoot they even have a skin for the Apple Mac Mini and Apple TV.

Curve SkinWhat was interesting to us over here was their skins for the Blackberry. Currently offering skins for the Blackberry Curve as you can see here, and the Blackberry Pearl. What is interesting about these skins, is DecalGirl offers a free wallpaper with the skins, to completed the look. Now while they seem to have way more skins for the Pearl, one can hope with skins as great as these, more Curve ones will be on the way.

Check the Blackberry skins out and more at www.decalgirl.com

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