Long time supporters of the Ryan Leslie movement, while currently working on his single “Diamond Girl” (which is a great song as well) released this video/song on his YouTube channel. “I-R-I-N-A”, adds to a now long string of great music this artist has put out. Ryan Leslie is also the force behind Cassie whose hit “Me & You” created a scene on the MySpace domain then transcended to Pop success.

We wait for the day Ryan puts out a full length album as his music is just a cut above the rest right now, and a fresh sound to the genre! Enjoy the I-R-I-N-A video, Ryan states this was shot in 113 seconds, and though it is a simple one scene concept, it does what is needed to be done. Shows off the artist, and doesn’t distract away from the song with extravagant sets and scenes. Simple, yet superb.

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