Well now that you’ve read about the drastic price drop in HD DVD players, and the offers that some of the manufacturers are giving for the holiday season, what you need to do now is get yourself some visually stunning movies to watch in HD. Well no worries, I have five suggestions. Each of these movies not only will entertain your mind, but your eyes as well. The first movie is Transformers. This movie has some of the best CGI action scenes ever put in a movie. It will have your adrenaline pumping the whole time. Plus in HD you can see every vehicle transformation with great detail. This movie is a must have. For my second choice I would have to go with one the whole family can enjoy, The Chronicles of Narnia. This movie has some of the greatest fantasy scenes since the Lord of The Rings Trilogy, another suggestion for free. There are a lot of animals in this movie, so seeing them in detail, especially in the climatic battle at the end of the movie is breathtaking.

The last movie I would suggest is Shrek the Third. This movie has just gotten funnier with each installment. The visuals of these movies are great because they are the images of old Disney characters, but with a new bright vibrant life to them, not the old battered look they use to have. Also don’t forget the Matrix Trilogy, period. In HD, you can now see every little detail that the artists have put into their work. Well I hope that the look of movies continues to get better and better, till eventually they master the art of 3D, which will emerge us in the picture. Till then HD is the perfect way to watch your movies so crisp, you think the characters are in your living room.

Written by: Ezo “Life is a Motion Picture”.

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