It seems HD-DVD is suiting up for battle this holiday season. HD-DVD already has the best prices for their players if your looking to step into the HD arena. Now they are going for the kill. If already low prices wasn’t enough, it seems 3rd generation HD-DVD players are coming with 2 free HD-DVD movies already in the box when you purchase. And if that wasn’t enough, from now till February, when you buy any 3rd generation HD-DVD players, not only will you have 2 free movies in the box but you will get to mail in for 5 more free HD-DVDs movies!

Yes for this holiday season, get yourself or someone else a HD-DVD players and get 7 free HD-DVD movies to go with it. Now that is a Xmas gift!! Also let’s not forget the storm going on right now with HD-DVD 2nd generation players. Places like Walmart, Best But, Circuit City, are offering the Toshiba HD-A2 model for under $200 dollars. Some places have even been spotted for $99.99. And let’s not forget Black Friday is around the corner, so deals will start popping up out of nowhere soon! This holiday season will be a good time to step into the HD era!

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