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Iskin Cerulean Bluetooth System

iSkin, a company who is known worldwide for their iPod products, has made it easier to listen to music and handle phone calls at the same time. Introducing the Cerulean Bluetooth System, which is comprised of three units, the F1, RX, and TX. The system works together to stream music from the iPod into the F1 headphone set or through the RX and TX speaker modules that can be attached to an iPod and speaker. The F1 can accept most Bluetooth profiles and has a talk time of 10 hours and can be charged through USB. The slick design of the F1 makes it real pleasing on the ear, and it’s behind the ear hook helps keep it in place when it is time to switch from iPod to phone (iPhone included). Both the TX and RX modules has a auto connect feature that connects both instantly.

The RX and TX can hook up to all generation iPods and is powered from the iPod itself. The system is available through www.iskin.com and is a good alternative to streaming music without wires. The F1 retails for $129 and the RX and TX together is $149. For more info on the Cerulean Bluetooth System, log on to www.iskin.com.

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