Yes Ladies and Gentlemen, the official G Style Magazine / Ooma Giveaway is in effect. Gearing up for the official relaunch of G Style Magazine, we will be giving away a couple of Ooma hubs to our subscribers. The Contest officially begins today and will run until October 31, 2007 aka Halloween. The next issue of G Style Magazine is due out in November 2007. In this issue, in the Project G area we will announce the winners of the giveaway. The winners will be mailed a special token that will take them to where they will enter the code from their special tokens that will allow them to get a free Ooma hub (retailed at $599.99). Do you want to make free unlimited phone calls anywhere in the USA from a house phone for life. Here is how to sign up for the giveaway:

1) Must have a broadband connection. Either Cable or DSL (I believes FIOS should work too).

2) You have to be a subscriber of G Style Magazine (6 month subscriptions only, either recurring or non recurring). If you aren’t currently a subscriber, click the link up top that says purchase G Style Magazine and choose a 6 Month subscriptions. It only cost 6 dollars for 6 months, that’s a $1 dollar a month. $1 dollar and you could be making free calls for life!

3) If your already a subscriber, make sure all your information is correct (I.E. Full name, correct address) otherwise we can’t mail you the special token.

And that is it people, if you are already a subscriber, as a special thanks for supporting and being apart of the movement, you are automatically enrolled in the contest. If you have joined the G Style Movement yet, it only cost $1 dollar a month to get the latest information on what is hot in the world of technology and the chance to make free unlimited calls for life. Let’s see pay a monthly fee of $24.99 and up for home phone service or pay $6 bucks one time and have a chance to never pay a month fee for home service ever again for life. Easy choice if you ask me! Sign up now.

Again the official contest begins today and end Halloween October 31, 2007. All new sign ups before the 31st will be enrolled in the contest. But hey if you miss out, you will still have 6 months of a GREAT magazine! Good luck and follow the White rabbit…

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