First shout out to The Boy Genius Report for the first live pictures of this sexy looking phone right here. Normally I’m not a fan of the color red, but I must say, this phone is sexy.

With that being said, I must officially say, I’m hating right now! You see I currently own the Blackberry Curve myself, however when I brought it I knew I wouldn’t have the GPS features of the 8800, but I liked the form factor of the Curve better so I settled on it. I think it is a slap in the face to now release a Curve that is completely the same, with no additional upgrades made to the device beyond adding GPS. Why wasn’t it just added from the beginning! Ok rant ended.

Now there isn’t much to talk about for this one beyond the GPS which is now included and the colors. There is another color besides this Crimson Red, but seeing as how this has the most G Style, this is the only one that matters lol. The release date is rumored to be Tuesday October 16, 2007, so we shall see. But this is a definite check out, if you don’t have a Curve yet, this is a great look if your looking to purchase one!

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