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Quest to Build a Sweet Entertainment Center Part 1 (Visual Appeal)

My quest unofficially started a year ago. At a press preview for the Digital Life Expo back in June of 2006, I first came in contact with a company called Vizio. Vizio makes Plasma and LCD HDTVs in many size ranges, they also sell these TVs at a great price, most cheaper than any other brands on the market.

This is when I first seen it, the 32′ Vizio LCD HDTV. The picture on this TV was beautiful, and the style of the TV was great. I spoke with the PR Rep for the company and found out that this model was going for at the time $899.99, a 32 inch LCD HDTV for 899.99, that was unheard of. I knew then this would be the TV I would get. However a year later, now ready to take on this quest upon visiting a Best Buy in midtown Manhattan, I went looking at some TVs and upon looking at them, I realized to myself that 32 inches wasn’t big enough, I decided that 42 inches was good enough for my living room TV. It just so happened that Vizio has a 42 inch model for $999.99 the VX42L, 42 inches, LCD, HDTV for under a thousand dollars…sweet. So this became my first component for my entertainment center.

I decided I would need a LCD HDTV for my bedroom as well and decided upon the Vizio 26 inch VW26L HDTV which Vizio sells for $449.99. This will completed my set for TVs. This is my choices for the first component of my sweet entertainment center.

Next I plan to have videos, music, and picture be able to stream from my PC to my TVs, and in the next part I will tell you how I plan to do this. Stay tuned to Part 2.

Jason Andersonhttp://about.me/jasonlanderson
Jason Anderson is the Publisher & Editor At Large of G Style Magazine. A known gadget head and lover of all things digital. Some of his favorite movies include Hackers, The Net, The Matrix (1, 2, & 3), and Transformers.....see a trend here lol.


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