fringâ„¢ is a free mobile VoIP software that lets you talk and live chat (IM) using your handset’s Internet connection instead of costly mobile airtime (GSM) minutes. fring enables free mobile calls over Wi-Fi Internet access or your GPRS, EDGE or 3G Internet data plan.

fring lets you easily communicate with all your fring, Skype®, MSN® Messenger, Google Talk™ , Twitter and regular phone contacts from one, integrated contact list. fring also supports SkypeOut and hundreds of SIP-based services such as GizmoProject, VoipCheap, VoipStunt, Free World, even from non-SIP enabled handsets, enabling cheap local and international VoIP calls to contacts’ PCs, mobile phones and landline numbers. fring is also enhanced with real-time contact availability (presence) so you can see who’s available before dialing.

All you need to use fring is a 3G handset (see list of supported devices) with Internet connectivity that is already available from your mobile service provider (how do I know?) or through your nearest Wi-Fi hotspot. fring does not require any proprietary hardware or airtime, and works with phones purchased through any mobile operator. fring can be simply downloaded into your handset via SMS received from another fringster™ or from our website download page – it’s as easy as downloading a ring tone.

fring roams seamlessly between Wi-Fi and 3G networks while bypassing traditional mobile voice and SMS text messaging services mobile-to-mobile calls, mobile-to-landline calls, and mobile-to-PC calls including integration into Skype, MSN Messenger and Google Talk wherever you are. The patent-pending peer-to-peer mobile VoIP technology delivers full-duplex voice quality with rich internet functionality and maximum network efficiency.

Why use fring ?

gain true mobility
with your Skype, MSN, Google Talk & Twitter contacts on your mobile you’ll stay connected wherever you go

save money!
using mVoIP for local or international calls, rather than costly airtime minutes, and free chat rather than SMS

presence status for all of your contacts
and know who’s online before dialing!

make cheap calls to landlines & regular cellular contacts
using your SkypeOut account or SIP provider.

pay us nothing!
you will NOT receive an invoice from us!

don’t wait for call-backs
just pick a contact and hit the green button.

no physical limitations
all you need is your mobile phone! No need for a PC, Wi-Fi or special hardware


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