So you didn’t want to pony up the $600 dollars (now $400) for the Iphone to get that nice Visual Voicemail feature it has, but you stayed faithful to your Blackberry, your in luck!

SimulSays is a software currently in Beta, that give you visual voicemail, just like the Iphone. You sign up through their site at and then you install a small application on your BB. Once you do this, you can have visual voicemail. And mannnn is it great, no longer having to go through all your messages to get to the one you want to hear! SimulSays is actually brought to you by a company call SimulScribe, which takes your voicemails and turns them into text that you can read. Now while this is a cool feature, it can be a little choppy at times and misunderstand what the caller was trying to say and gets confused, but overall a great product!