So word on the block is that Sony will be releasing a PS3 version that will have a 40Gb hard drive and will sell for $399. Is this true? Time will tell, but myself, I didn’t jump on the whole PS3 movement because I just couldn’t justify spending $600 for this thing.

For one, it was $600 dollars, who pays $600 for a game console, the Nintendo Wii is killing them right now with their better price. Second their online play is still no where near that of the Xbox and let’s be real, they have no game that can rival Halo 3! Ok yes it is the cheapest Blue Ray player on the block, but who even knows if they will win this format war. Shoot, the movie I’m currently waiting for Transformers, is coming out on HD-DVD.

So now with all that said, the PS3 is a style delight, it looks great, the glossy black coating is wonderful, and if indeed this price drop is true and the PS3 goes to $399, as long as they aren’t cheap and remove stuff that the other versions may have then yes, I’ll be getting one myself. I’m not even a gamer like that, but at that price it will “Be the cheapest Blue Ray Player on the Block”!

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