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Lenovo Miix 630 First Impressions and Unboxing Photos

Users who need a full on Windows PC while on the road have a lot of choices right now when it comes to portable...

Top 3 Reasons To Pick Up the Moto G 2015

Moto G continues to hold its weight in the crowded smartphone arena thanks to its low prices, strong specs and continued support with updates.

Lenovo Horizon 2e: The Desktop for the family [Review]

All in one machines have now pretty much become the norm since the iMac changed the game. They're getting thinner, lighter and the designs...

Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga Pro 2: Hybrid Laptop Catering to Your Tablet...

Lenovo's Yoga Pro 2 tackles hybrid laptop/tablets heads-on and wants to be the only Ultrabook you need.

Lenovo Vibe Z – Hands On at CES Unveiled [CES 2014]

Hands-On with the Lenovo Vibe Z at CES Unveiled

Lenovo Shows off First LTE Smartphone Vibe Z, also A859, S930,...

Lenovo has four smartphones set to showoff at CES 2014 with the Vibe Z, A859, S930, & S650

Lenovo Yoga 8 Tablet: Is This Really A Better Way? [Review]

A tablet is a good device to have. However, not all tablets are good devices. What type of tablet is the Lenovo Yoga 8?...

Lenovo presents a Betterway to Multitask with the Yoga Tablet

Lenovo takes a que from their Yoga Pad ultrabook and reveals the Yoga Tablet. Made in 8"and 10" sizes, you are able to use it in three different modes. Stand, Hold, and Tilt Modes.