G Style Birthday Giveaway: V-MODA XS Headphones *ENDED*



A pair of headphones that came to a surprise to me this past summer was the V-MODA XS. They were designed to be small with little earcups but still pack a huge punch with strong sound. They have actually turned into some of my favorite headphones this year and we have teamed up with the crew over at V-MODA to give away a pair of V-MODA XS in either White Silver(pictured above) or Matte Black. It’s all up to the winner which color will fit their lifestyle.

Giveaway Entry Rules:

1. Follow us on Twitter @GStyleMagazine or Instagram @GStyleMagazine.

2. After following us, leave a comment with your Twitter or Instagram name on here and telling us if you prefer over-ear, on-ear or just earbuds and why.

3. Winner will be selected on Friday October 17th

*** Winner Selected: @ns_sadek ***


Giveaway Disclosure: This is only available to U.S. residents only!




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  • Eld

    Twitter name ratchet_Ed. Favorite in ear. Low profile in public and easier to carry around. Over ear second due to comfort and sound. Don’t like over ear at all. Ears get hot and have to take them off periodicly too cool down

  • Austin Riley


    Over ear is my favorite. The sound is way more encompassing that on ear or ear buds. Bass is way better with over ears as well.

  • Nour S

    In ear are the ones I use most since I can be discreetly listening to music at work. I haven’t found a pair of on ear headphones that are comfortable. Hoping these might be the ones….and they’d be perfect as my birthday is this week! @ns_sadek

  • Andres Correa

    Twitter ——> @solobeatboy On-Ear headphones are better for me because I can close myself off from everyone around me and just listen to the music in comfort without In-Ear irritations

    • Steven Zhang

      What about over ear headphones?

  • Viktor Markovski

    I prefer the over year. Because you can hear every detail of the sound, plus I’m sure they are with noice cancelation. All of them look awesome, but the over year looks but better.

  • Dave Cramton

    @mediadork For casual listening I use isolating earbuds. For serious listening I use over the ear.

  • Abraham Lee


    I use earbuds when ever I’m on the go (e.g. going home from school). For serious listening, I use on ear headphones for serious listening.

  • Ellie Manning

    I prefer over ear. They’re more comfortable and have better sound. Earbuds always fall out on me.

  • George O’Connor

    I prefer over the ear headphones.They seem more comfortable to be and unlike the earbuds my cat cant chew them up lol.thanks for the chance.twitter id @GeorgeOconnor1

  • Steven Zhang

    I think there are pros and cons to all of the headphones. I prefer and usually use on ear headphones because they are comfortable to me and are on-the-go headphones. Even though some argue that earbuds are more portable and practical, you sacrifice sound quality and isolation for portability, whereas on ear headphones can be taken anywhere and do have amazing sound quality also. Over ear headphones seem to have the best sound quality and noise isolation, but I imagine they are uncomfortable being extremely big and bulky. I do prefer earbuds when I am trying to sleep on a long road trip though, because they do not hit the window when you are trying to put your head against it.

  • Nelle

    @nellsworld =) over ear…… much more comfy. earbuds are annoying and I only seem to get along with ONE pair.

  • Christopher Born

    Definitely in-ear for @kitborn. Work with bike helmet and no sound leakage in the library.

    • Steven Zhang

      Earbuds are notorious for leaking though, which ones do you use?

    • Christopher Born

      Sony XBA but they have no low end. Used Skull Candy 50/50 but they just died on me. Don’t even bother with the Apple in-ears I used before. Looking for something better!