G Style Father’s Day Giveaway 2 – Nokia Lumia 900 & More!

Let’s be completely honest with ourselves right now. We bet some of us right now have a Father who is rocking a seriously outdated phone, may have a feature phone (aka dumb phone) and is in serious need of something more modern. So why now help them step their game up to a modern day smartphone? I mean if they are not going to do it themselves maybe winning one will push them in the right direction.

Enter to win them a Nokia Lumia 900, and get them into the Smartphone game with a Windows phone. If you’re curious about if the Nokia Lumia 900, it’s hot, check out its rating on GDGT.

A Windows Phone would be the perfect gift to give your favorite father this year. Today’s Dad is equally involved in his career and in raising his family. The need to feel connected also drives Dad to share his family’s achievements. With built-in social networking on Windows Phone, sharing pictures with friends and family on Facebook and Twitter is a snap. It’s like the Swiss Army Knife of work-life-balance. This Father’s Day, give him the Nokia Lumia 900, which offers style and time savings for $99.99.

So let’s just make this clear. You’ll be entering to win not only a Window Phone Nokia Lumia 900, but also the Nokia Purity Stereo Headset by Monster, and a one-month Zune Pass. If this was Pimp My Phone, consider yourself officially pimped! To enter, just leave a comment below saying why your Father needs this Nokia phone, and let us know what phone he has now. If you are already a Father, let us know what phone you have now and why you feel you should be upgraded!

We’ll pick the best comment on Friday morning!

The retail value of this giveaway is $509! Yea boy!

  • Daniel Smith

     I am a father of a 4 year old boy. My current phone is a pathetic little dumb phone (Model No: LG100C) that I got after my last one got water damage from doing the dishes as a favor to my wife.  Apparently I am a very messy dish washer.  The one before that took a fall when my then 2 year old decided to throw it down the stairs.  Since then I decided to go the cheapo route until my household was a safer place for nice technology.  I have been rocking this tiny tracfone for almost a year now while everyone at work has fancy smart phones.  I have yet to own a true smart phone but I think I am ready.  It would be nice to be on the cutting edge of style for a change.

  • nxwkev

    My dad is ~50 and still carrying one of the original Nokias. He refuses other brands!

  • Approve.

  • My Dad is old, 85, I think this would be great for him to have since he lives alone.

  • Daniel M

    My father needs a new phone, he only has an old crappy flip phone now

  • Acmcglynn

    My dad runs his computer on windows 98 he has a brick for a phone least 12years old I have been asking him to upgrade his phone but he cant get a phone with big screen and buttons i think he would love this phone as it is simple and like his win98 easy to use

  • Doris

    I want to give it to my dear husband who is using a Samsung that needs replacement!

  • Wade

    Man, I want this phone bad because there are so many apps I want to download.  I am using a Samsung right now.

  • Susan S

    My father currently owns an LG Env3.  He needs a new phone that can get him on the internet.  luvsherfam @ gmail dot com

  • Nick M

    I, the father, have black berry 8250 which is pilled and broken. i need one for my daughter not for me

  • My dad definitely needs a new phone!  He has a Samsung flip phone that is really old. He is more concerned about the kids having good phones and said he isn’t worried about himself having a new phone.  I would love to win him a new phone to show him that we care about him too!

  • Estella miller

    Dad still has a Trac phone and is too stubborn to upgrade! Help!

  • Zeppfloydz

    My dad still has an Old T-Mobile Samsung Flip from 2005 , still works but sooooo outdated..he hates tech thinks its too confusing which is why The Windows Phone would be perfect  for him, it is all available in one spot. easy to use and very fluid in movement.

  • My Father currently owns a Nokia 6300, but it is not the original one. Let us say, it’s fake because he attracted by a cheap price. And I think this is the time to give him a new , original and amazing one. He needs this Nokia phone because he wants to play his old song of The Beatles and Bee Gees in a phone and especially in a earphone to stay cool despite of his age. This will be a great gift for my father this Father’s Day. ^^

  • I have a LG 900G from Net10; it is not the best phone for me and my family, but it works … most of the time. 


  • Debbie B.

    my husband really needs a phone upgrade from his little nokia dinosaur phone! I looked over on Nokia’s website to see what model and its not even on there so i guess they don’t even have it anymore! 

  • Rahul

    Firstly thanks for this Giveaway.May The Best One with Best Initiative win….
    As for my view is oncerned,I think parents are like our God & that they want only love & good behaviour from us at their old age.That would be greatest gift for them.However knowing that also I feel that I must someday get the opportunity to give my Father one of the phones he dreams always NOKIA LUMIA 900.But owing to my studies in engg. college he ignored his dream & so I think winning this NOKIA LUMIA 900 & gifting it to him would be a great gift to him on June 17,2012 as I couldn’t afford it being a student or I would have bought it for my Father .I love u my mom & father……. Everything I am today is only because of my parent’s care….Thanks  ….
    Email address:   ss764447@gmail .com

  • ron james

    My dad is still ballin with his Nokia n73 lol he bought it in the 1st place coz he loved how it was marketed as a.media phone. He loves music and his came bubdled with earbuds too. Which now have long passed its usage lol! Hes been bugging me lately about my galaxy 2 phone and wanted a new phone lol . He would love this as a gift ^^

  • Katmagick

    My dad is still using a flip phone. He refuses to buy another phone because his phone still works fine, according to him. I know he would love this upgrade, especially since he wouldn’t have to pay for it. I think he is a bit cheap but he says he is frugal.

  • RM

    My Dad is currently using Palm Pre 3 & he was asking to get one windows phone for him.It will be best gift for my father to gift Nokia Lumia 900 as he is fond of Nokia. He was earlier using Nokia non smartphone. It will be great experience for him using NOkia smartphone.

  • Cargendeli

    My husband had a Nokia flip phone and when the plug for the charger pulled out, he got a $5 Samsung Go flip phone. He doesn’t want to pay for a Smartphone but he hates this cheap phone. A free Nokia 900 would bring him into this era. Our 5 year old can use a smartphone but not her Dad! He needs an upgrade to make it a Happy Father’s Day!

  • I upgraded my sons phone from a motorola flipside to a lumia 900 a week ago by trading in my old iphone 3gs.i know he would like to repay me, but most of his pay goes to child support for his twin boys. So I know he and my grandsons would like me to win this package.

  • Mary

    My kids’ dad has an old T-mobile flip phone. He’s from a family from an era of using things to the DEATH! In fact, he suggested last night that I buy school pants too big next year and just hem them (“because cuffs are in!”) so that when the kids grow I can just let down the hem instead of buying new school uniform pants! I gave him a huge resounding NO! He says he will never text. We have 2 pre-teens, 1 teen – looking for basic phones for them in the next year or so. Dad will just HAVE to get with the times and have texting and a phone that will make this easy for him. I’ve worked hard updating his wardrobe, because he is 47 and still would wear his high school clothes if I let him (“because they still fit!”). We’d like his phone to be as updated and cool as his clothes now. The kids would love this. I would love this. And eventually, my kids’ dad would love the update too. Thanks so much for offering this awesome contest!

  • Shannon S

    My dad needs a new phone because he still has an old razor.

  • Cornelius

    My father uses a Tracfone so this would be a step in the right direction. 

  • Kerry Flowers

    My husband will not get an upgrade from his blackberry. The memory card broke soon after the warranty date. He holds onto bbm of which he has 9 friends left from 60. All 51 of his friends left the blackberry lifestyle. This phone is not smart and extremely slow. He keeps using my phone to do the cool stuff.

  • Stefanie Gladden

    My dad needs this Nokia phone because my father has had the same phone for about 8 yrs now, it’s a nextel flip phone. and he needs an upgrade. He would love a new phone that is up to date with technology so he can email & keep in touch with friends! 

  • I really wanna win because because I don’t have one.

  • aj34

    My sweet Dad needs this phone because he has worked hard all his life and never asks for anything in return. He was the only male in a house full of 3 daughters and a wonderful wife (my mom). I am sure he felt out numbered by us girls. He raised me and my sisters with solid values and gave us all college educations on a lower middle class income as a mechanic. He never buys anything for himself but always gives to others. He currently has a cheap feature phone that he carries around with a broken screen. I would love, Love, LOVE to surprise him with a beautiful Nokia windows phone for Father’s day! It would be a minor gift compared to all the sacrifices he has made for me and my sisters. Thanks for listening… Good luck to all who post. Dads are so special, so treat yours to a big hug and a kiss on Father’s Day.

  • aj34